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Our Anti Slip Floor Treatment is the original Anti Slip floor treatment in Australia. A specially designed treatment that microscopically enhances the tread pattern of the floor to Dramatically increase the slip resistance without altering the appearance. Suitable applications include most Tiles , Terrazzo , Granite, Marble, Bluestone, Concrete etc specifically designed for use Indoors and Outdoors.

Your workplace has to satisfy certain safety requirements prior to being occupied in the first place, after all fire safety, waterproofing, building to code etc are all required prior to tenanting a property. This includes floor safety, non-slip or anti slip surfaces indoors and outside. as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it needs to be safe. This goes for your home also.

But, the thing that most of the people do not care about is the floor. In most of the cases, the floors that we walk on are an afterthought, which unfortunately can lead to serious injury from being a slip hazard. Wet or Dry.

The benefits:
– Can be used on all internal & external areas.
– Simple & quick application with no smells or mess.
– Treated surface will remain anti-slip safe even when the surface becomes wet.
– No closing off areas for long periods because the treated surface can be used immediately after treatment.
– No or little change in the appearance of the floor surface.
– Proven effectiveness that meets the Australian slip standards.

This product exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and the National Construction Code.

What type of areas is Anti Slip Treatment used on:
Bathrooms, showers, kitchens, foyers, pools, walkways, ramps & entrances – infact anywhere were a smooth floor becomes a slip hazard especially when wet.

Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Makes floors safer Wet than dry
Our Anti Slip Floor Treatment is a time tested and extremely effective anti slip floor treatment that microscopically alters the tread pattern of the floor surface and dramatically increases slip resistance.

No visible change to floor surfaces
Our treatment firstly is not a coating, meaning no wear and tear over time and no need for future applications so long as the floor is cleaned properly. Not to mention our treatment only effects the appearance of the floor by cleaning it as a side effect of the treatment, and only in High Gloss Tiles it can lower the sheen level a little. All while drastically reducing the potential for slips, trips and falls.

Surfaces that can be treated include:
Our Anti Slip Treatment can be applied to ceramic, quarry, terrazzo, marble, granite, porcelain, concrete/aggregate, natural or manufactured tiled surfaces, Porcelain or Enamel surfaces.

Types of surfaces that cannot be treated: Vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, wood,
painted & coated surfaces and most types of slate surfaces.

Ongoing Maintenance
There is no special maintenance Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal. For guaranteed longivity we can supply a specially designed cleaning solution for enhanced effectiveness. CMC Maintenance Cleaner

Treatments won’t disrupt business
Most times application can usually be carried out during business hours with little or no disruption to normal business procedures or, if necessary, arranged outside of business hours. The floor surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.