Your kitchen, the heart of most homes, where most of your time is spent. The most renovated spaces in Australian Homes

Here are some of our tips to help get you organised for your upcoming reno

  1. Budget

BUDGET! BUDGET! BUDGET! Renovating can sometimes bring unforeseen costs from small issues. So, avoid being surprised and work out your budget before starting. Here is a general breakdown on what to work towards;
A small or Budget renovation can come in around $10,000 to $20,000
A mid-range kitchen renovation can come in around $20,000 – 35,000
A high end kitchen renovation can come around $35,000
The most important thing is that once you have a budget, stick to it! We know it can be hard

2. Is a full reno needed?

It can be easy to get carried away with the idea of having a brand spanking new kitchen. But if budget is a concern, possibly think about whether a partial renovation will do. This can simply mean replacing the benchtop or the cabinetry fronts if the cabinetry carcusses are in decent condition. Maybe a freshen up with paint, fixtures and fittings or just new appliances

3. Simple = Timeless

This one explains itself.
Neutral colours will also make small spaces feel larger

4. Use your existing plumbing and electricity

If you’re renovating an existing kitchen space, we highly recommend using the existing plumbing & electricity. This is a great cost saving tip. If you’re considering adding an island bench, make sure plumbing and electricity is fed to it BEFORE you begin work, and before your new floor is laid. This can be a very costly add on once the island and flooring are in place.

5. Size of your Kitchen

Knowing the size of your kitchen will make your renovation plans so much easier. Measuring your kitchen correctly will allow you to design a kitchen that will maximise the space that you have available. Once you know the size of your kitchen, you can work on how you maximise the space effectively.

6. Kitchen Triangle not Bermuda Triangle

Sink, fridge, stove – This work triangle is a design idea to help create efficient kitchen working spaces. This is made by drawing a triangle between the sink, the fridge and the stove, to help define the space where the main kitchen activities will occur. This is important to think about in order to create an efficient kitchen workflow that will make sure you are not running all over the place and getting lost!