Job Address:

Bourke St, Melb CBD

Client: Law in Order

Duration: 2 weeks

Job Scope:

  • Office fitout works
  • Removal & disposal of old cabinetry
  • Disassemble & removal of old office desks (30 workstations)
  • Pull up & removal of carpet tiles throughout (630m2)
  • Painting of walls throughout
  • Supply & installation of stand up desks (50 workstations)
  • Supply & installation of carpet tiles to 50% of the office space
  • Supply & installation of epoxy floor coating to 50% of the office space

Office Fitout Brief:

As our client’s business hours run 24hrs/7 days per week, we approached this office fitout by working closely with them to have the works completed within the allocated time frame and around their needs, without compromising on quality. We sourced the best quality products for their office space & applied a low voc epoxy coating to the area, with the quickest dry time. The original carpet tiles were removed & replaced with a new patterned carpet tile. The remaining substrate was prepared with a concrete grinder requiring dust suppression equipment.

With all of the dust removed the epoxy floor coating could commence. Performing the works overnight to accommodate the clients 24 hours work schedule and to minimise staff disruption, the planning and execution had to be on point for the works to complete successfully. The epoxy floor had to be completed in two separate sections due the clients need to access their large industrial printers during the project. However, as you can see, the floor has a seam free finish.

All new stand up desks were assembled onsite, overnight, to minimise staff interruptions and ensure all staff could continue their role and tasks during the works. With the old desks removed and disposed off-site.

Extra care was taken on the painting of the office walls. All walls were prepared well before their coats of fresh paint. A high quality, low voc interior paint was applied.

As you can see from the images, Law in Orders new office space has been brightened quite significantly & we know that the team love their new work space.