Tactile Pads
The cost effective solution. Tactile Pads come in various forms and are typically more cost effective than Individual Tactiles. there are an assortment of types catering to different traffic-ability.
Tactile Pads come in the following Options:
– 300 x 600 Polyurethane Pads
– 300 x 300 Self Stick Pads (Bitumen Adhesive)
– 300 x 600 Self Stick Pads (Bitumen Adhesive)
– 300 x 600 Fibreglass Reinforced Tactile Pads (Mechanical & Adhesive Installation)
– 300 x 600 Hard Polymer Tactile Pad (Mechanical & Adhesive Installation)
Less Cost Effective Solution however extremely durable
– 300 x 600 Solid Stainless Steel Tactile Plate (Mechanical & Adhesive Fixing)
– As above, with Black Plastic Insert or Black Carborundum Insert
– 300 x 600 Solid Brass Tactile Plate

All of the above come in Warning tactile & Directional Tactile form.

Individual Tactiles
For optimal Surface Indicating Solution, manufactured from an assortment of materials to cater for a range of budget and aesthetic solutions.
Types of Individual Tactiles Available to the Market:
– Plastic Tactiles
– Yellow, Black, Grey, Ivory, Blue, Teracotta.
– white available only for internal use
– Stainless Steel Tactile
– Stainless Steel Tactile with Screw Fixing
– Stainless Steel Tactile with assorted infil/inserts
– Plastic Insert – yellow, black, ivory, glow in the dark
– Carborundum Insert (non-slip insert) – assorted colours
– Solid Black PVD Tactile
– Tactile with PVC Base and Stainless Insert
– Brass Tactile

Directional Tactiles
Directional Tactiles are designed to highlight the path of travel for those who require visual or direction assistance by way of feel.
Types of Directional Tactiles are available:
– Individual Plastic Directional Bar
– Individual Stainless Steel Directional Bar
– 300 x 600 Directional Pads (Mechanical & Adhesive fixing options)