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Fill the Gaps has been providing a wide assortment of Renovation Services across Melbourne since our inception. From our first large scale project: Removing over 180 meters of asbestos lining from an external walkway. Subsequently repairing the leaking roof. Reinstating new ceiling lining, replacing all rotten timbers and all pre-paint preparation. All performed at a Medical Centre in Ivanhoe which remained fully operational during the entire process.

Office Renovations in Melbourne’s CBD, again whilst companies with over 60 staff operating 24 hours a day, remained operational. Also entire property renovations, internal and external for private residences and Body Corporate Buildings.

Over the years developing a Step by Step process for delivering our clients desired outcomes.

In our experience, renovations need to start with the end goal in mind. This includes identifying the finishes desired, example tile selection, type of shower screen and size, toilet selection etc. With this, a clear picture of the outcome can be locked in with our Project Manager for the renovation.

Renovations starting with the end goal in mind, allows us to Fill the Gaps with the process, services and materials (eg demolition, preparation, run services, trade specific steps, fit-off works, finishing works), to deliver your vision.

At the inception of engaging us, we will work and communicate in depth until we share your vision. Then upholding communication with you every step of the way, throughout the project. This includes any troubleshooting any unforeseen matters which may affect the final goal and keeping you up to date with progress and stage completion goals as the renovation progress’s.

Having an experienced team with Qualified trades under our umbrella, we can deliver your project and vision without question.

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