Yellow Conformable Anti-Slip Tapes



The Yellow Conformable Anti-Slip Tapes is available in 50mm, 100mm & 150mm



The Checker Plate Anti-slip Self-adhesive tape is ideal for use on checker or durbar plate. The material for this abrasive safety tape is constructed from a soft Aluminium foil base and then top coated with thick spread of aluminium 36# grade oxide grit. Once the abrasive safety tape has been applied it will adopt the texture of the surface. Because of its foil base it has no inherent memory so it will not lift or rise off.


The Yellow Conformable Anti-Slip Tapes is available in 50mm, 100mm & 150mm

Ultimate in Anti-slip Safety:

The Yellow Conformable Anti-Slip Tapes with 36# aluminium oxide grit provides the highest possible safety rating and is particularly suitable for external wet areas. As the only grip tape that can be used successfully on checker plate it exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and the National Construction Code. The tape in non-plastic based and has a secondary use of being flame retardant as tested by the certain Civil Aviation Authority specifications for burn testing.

Further Information on Australian/New Zealand Standards click here

Test Report:

Dry Surface Test 1.14 Wet Surface Test 0.98


  • Conformable Anti-Slip Tapes can be applied to surface where there may be a safety hazard due to slipperiness either in or outdoors
  • Any non-porous surface void of dust, oil, water and other contaminants

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