Yellow Class 1 Reflective Tape



Yellow Class 1 Reflective Tape is only available in 50mm x 9m roll



The Yellow Class 1 Reflective Tape is a ultra high visibility self adhesive diamond honeycomb reflective tape. 0.33mm thickness with a 10 year grade. Ideal for all vehicles & trailers.

Class 1 Reflective Tape can be used for Traffic Signs, Bollards, Work Zones, Dangerous Objects, Retro-reflective Marking for Cars, Trucks and other Vehicles or other Traffic Safety use.

Class 1 Reflective Films are best suited for high intensity reflective signage and vehicle application. Class 1 are premium-grade reflective films, and most are approved for vehicle use in Australia. Popular uses for these films include – highway signs, ambulances, and any general signage applications where reflected light from wider angles is required.


Red/white, Yellow/black, Fluoro Yellow, Silver, Yellow, Red, Green


Yellow Class 1 Reflective Tape is available in 50mm x 9m roll


  • Surface Film: Acrylic film
  • Thickness of Glue: 0.04mm Thickness of Release Paper: 0.05mm Total thickness of product: 0.41mm
  • Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type
  • Strength of Adhesive: at the condition of 0.8kg, 5min, total length; 10cm, the falling length ≤ 0.4mm
  • Operation temperature: 5°C —- 30°C
  • Working temperature: -40°C —- 70°C 7. Coefficient of retro-reflection
  • Silk Printable
  • Service Life: 10 years


Meets STM or EN 12899 standards.

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