Anti-slip treatment for Concrete & Terrazzo Floors


Anti Slip Treatment for concrete & terrazzo floors

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To reduce the risk of having a slip & fall accident  by applying our Anti-slip treatment for Concrete & Terrazzo Floors. It will provide outstanding underfoot safety on all floors that becomes slippery when wet.

The benefits:

  • Can be used on all internal & external areas.
  • Simple & quick application with no smells or mess.
  • Treated surface will remain anti-slip safe even when the surface becomes wet. No closing off areas for long periods because the treated surface can be used immediately after treatment.
  • No or little change in the appearance of the floor surface.
  • Proven effectiveness that meets the Australian slip standards.
  • This product exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and the National Construction Code. Test reports are available upon request

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What type of areas can be treated:

Concrete & terrazzo floors becomes a slip hazard especially when wet.

How does the treatment make a slippery ceramic or quarry tiled floor Anti -slip safe?

The anti-slip system treatment passively penetrates and changes the surface of the tile to make it anti-slip safe. When the surface of a tile becomes wet a suction effect is created between the sole of the shoe and the surface of the wet tile. This is why the wetter the surface the more effective the grip will become. A passive change to a tile surface is chemically created. The change created within the surface of the tile is invisible to the eye. Nothing is left on the surface at all. The treatment is not a sealer or a coating. After the treatment application is completed, the surface actually looks unchanged which means that on -going cleaning can be continued in the normal way. Although you cannot see it – you will feel the difference

How long will the anti-slip effect last for?

Foot traffic will wear down the anti-slip much like a sole on a shoe. The heavier the traffic the quicker it will wear. The lighter the traffic the longer it will take to wear. As an estimate the anti-slip will last for 2 years but this period will increase if the customer uses the maintenance cleaner. This is because the maintenance cleaning product contains a small proportion of the grip additive. So as the floor is being cleaned the product tops up the grip effect and therefore the treatment will remain in premium anti-slip condition for many years. A good cleaning method using the correct cleaning product will keep the floor clean and allow the anti-slip to do the job it was intended to do. If the anti-slip treatment is allowed to get covered over by contaminants such as grease, fats & oils or a soap build-up from the use of other floor cleaning products the floor will become slippery & dangerous again.

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